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Suitable for horse owners, equine professionals and aspiring saddle fitters

Our Pathway to Saddle Fitting Course is ideal for horse owners and therapists looking to further their knowledge in saddle fitting or those aiming to become a professional saddle fitter. 

Entry Requirements: None (Stage 1 content is included free of charge)

The course will involve practical saddle fitter training in the fundamentals of saddle fitting for both horse and rider. For those unable to attend the practical element of this course we also offer an online only option called the Combined Stage 1 & 2 Remote Learning Access Course. Stage 1 content is included free of charge. 

Successful candidates may progress towards a career in saddle fitting by attending the IASF accredited Stage 3 Certificate in Saddle Fitting. Additional online learning is required to progress to Stage 3 which is included in the course fee.



The aim of the course is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the importance of saddle fit and how you as a horse owner, equine professional or aspiring saddle fitter can identify saddle issues.

Throughout this course you will learn about the parts of the saddle and basic saddle construction along with a more in-depth understanding of equine anatomy including the skeletal structure, location of key nerves and ligaments, muscle names, where they are located and how they function.


A thorough understanding of the equine skeletal structure as well as muscles and ligaments is essential to truly understand saddle fitting and while this is a complex subject the IASF deliver the learning in a way that is easy to follow and understand. All anatomical knowledge is constantly linked back to the saddle and provides a great basis for understanding the interaction between the horse and the saddle. 

To enhance your learning and solidify your knowledge students will be taught how to 'map out' the saddle support area on the horse. This is a valuable skill and the IASF are one of the only saddle fitter training centres in the world to offer this as part of their education program. 

You will also learn HOW a saddle should fit correctly and how to identify any issues with the fit. 

In addition to this you will learn how the rider is affected by the saddle along with some foundation knowledge of the human anatomy. This is a vital area of learning to effectively review the fit of a saddle and many people find that this knowledge greatly improves their own riding ability and helps them to overcome specific training or pain issues they themselves may have been having. 


 An introduction to dynamic fitting is also covered and students will learn some of the key indicators of poor saddle fit which can be observes purely by watching a saddle in action! 

Those attending the practical training element will be able to get hands on experience 

Pre-requisites - None

Progression Options -  Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award.

Outcome Objectives - You will learn how to identify a saddle which does not fit and how a saddle should fit correctly. 

Certification - Provides access to further saddle education.

Limitations - You will not be qualified to adjust or fit saddles or perform saddle fitting reports

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Remote Learning Option

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