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  • Does completion of level 3 qualify me as a saddle fitter?
    Yes! After successful completion of the level 3 certificate you will be able to work as a professional saddle fitter and obtain appropriate insurance.
  • Is there a CPD requirement to maintain certification?
    Yes. To maintain your level 3 certification you will need to complete a total of 36 hours of CPD every year. Six of these CPD hours must be completed with the IASF as refresher training. Compulsory refresher CPD training will always be available as virtual learning to enable all certificate holders equal access. Failure to maintain CPD hours will result in all IASF certificates being invalidated.
  • Are there any specific policies I must adhere to once I am qualified?
    Yes, all qualified IASF students must accept our standard policies and code of conduct. These policies can be downloaded here:
  • What does the level 4 advance course cover?
    The level 4 advanced certificate course will teach you how to make basic saddle repairs, re-flock saddles and make fitting adjustments.
  • Is the certification course accredited?
    Yes, our level 3 certificate in saddle fitting is accredited by UKRS
  • Can I do my qualification course on-line?
    Level 1 - This is fully virtual so can be completed on line. Level 2 - You can chose to attend a practical day as part of your level 2 OR you can select the Combined Level 1 & 2 Remote Learning Access Course which is fully virtual. Level 3 - 70% of the level 3 is online learning however there is a mandatory practical element (5 day intensive course and exam) which must be completed to gain certification. Level 4 - This is a fully practical course with no on-line learning option. To make it more accessible for international students our level 4 courses always run back-to-back with our level 3 practical courses.
  • Do you offer any ongoing support after qualification?
    Yes, IASF are passionate about ongoing learning and support. All students will receive lifetime access to our Facebook Study Group where they can ask questions and discuss topics with their peers and mentors. In addition to this our course mentors are always happy to offer one to one help and support.
  • Are there any entry requirements to join a course?
    There are no specific entry requirements to start learning. Level 1 is open to all and after completion you may progress though our level system regardless of previous qualifications or experience. We do highly recommend that you to have at least 10 years experience with horses before undertaking our qualification training and a strong understanding of horsemanship as well as confident horse handling is essential.
  • I have completed other saddle fitter training, do I need to do level 1 & 2 before the qualification course?
    If you have existing saddle fitting education with either the SMS, MSFC, Horse 1st or Saddle Fit 4 Life you may bypass level 1 and 2 and enter directly at level 3. We do strongly recommend completing level 1 & 2 to provide additional, foundation, saddle specific knowledge however it is not essential.
  • I am a Vet or Vet Physiotherapist, do I need to complete level 1 & 2 before enrolling on level 3?
    All qualified Vets and Vet Physios may bypass level 1 & 2 and gain access directly to level 3. We do strongly recommend completing level 1 & 2 to provide additional foundation, saddle specific knowledge however it is not essential.
  • Is there an annual fee for maintaining qualification?
    No, there is no requirement to make on-going payments to the IASF. The only requirement is to maintain 36 CPD hours annually, 6 of which must be completed with the IASF as refresher training.
  • Are course fees refundable?
    All course fees are non-refundable. In line with Distance Selling Regulations once you have started learning with the IASF you will not be eligible for a refund. If you are unhappy with the service provided please contact to discuss your concerns and our helpful team will get back to you promptly.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, for all level 3 courses we offer a split payment of 50% at the time of enrolment with the remaining balance due prior to your selected practical training date. To take advantage of this offer please enter code QUALDEPOSIT when purchasing the Level 3 Student Plan. Other payment options may be offered on a case by case basis. If you are having financial difficulty please contact to discuss your options.
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