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Suitable for existing, certified saddle fitters.

Take your saddle fitting education to the next level with our Stage 4 Advanced Saddle Fitting Award. 

This course is open to existing or certified saddle fitters only. 

Over the course of two days you will learn how to make on-site and off-site adjustments and repairs to new and used saddles. An absolute 'must' for any professional saddle fitter.


Adjustments will include full re-flocks (dropping and re-lacing panels), on-site flocking, girth strap replacements, stitching, gullet bars adjustments, shims and pads and head plate adjustments.

All participants will be required to bring along a traditional English saddle and supply their own tools, a full list of which can be obtained by emailing

Observation based assessment will be conducted throughout the duration of the course. Additional training may be required before awarding certification at the discretion of the Course Director. 

Pre-requisites - IASF Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award, SMSQSF, MSFC, EE or CEE

Certification - Qualified to conduct a saddle fitting report, diagnose issues, fit new and used saddles, make adjustments and remedial fitting

Limitations - None

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