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Horse Owner Support

Sometimes things don't go to plan but the IASF are here to help. If  you would like to discuss a problem with your IASF saddle fitter please complete the following form. 

Please note, the IASF do not provide legal advice. We will only provide an information collection service between the saddle fitter and the client to ensure professionalism and maintenance of standards. 

All forms will be reviewed and information passed to the concerned parties for action. 

Raise a Complaint

Have you been Visited by another Saddle Fitter Since this Appointment?
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Did Sadde Fitter 1 Supply or Sell you a Saddle?
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Have you attempted to resolve this issue with saddle fitter 1?

Thanks for submitting. A member of the IASF team will review your information and be in contact if required.

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