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The International Academy of Saddle Fitters (IASF) is a UK based organisation providing high quality saddle fitting training and education.

IASF is an approved provider of nationally recognised certification from LANTRA, an Ofqual regulated awarding body and approved by UK Rural Skills (UKRS) as well  a registered training provider with UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP number 10090284)

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Traditionally saddle fitting has been approached as an add-on to the craft of saddle making (saddlery) rather than being considered its own, unique profession.

Here at IASF we recognise the individual and complex skills required to be a great saddle fitter. Skills which differ greatly from the crafting ability of a saddle maker or leather-worker.

Led by a team of equestrian and saddle experts IASF aim to deliver education to horse owners as well as training and developing world class saddle fitters. Our courses are meticulously designed to be relevant, accessible  and applicable to the changing industry while promoting a superior depth of knowledge and understanding of the horse, saddle, rider interaction. 

IASF hold regular saddle fitter training courses and workshops for horse-owners as well as equine professionals and existing saddle fitters.


saddle fitting course

All IASF courses are constructed and overseen by leading saddle fitting expert and author of  'The Saddle Fitters Bible', Lisa Fay. 

Lisa is one of the most highly qualified saddle fitters in the world and has travelled the globe studying the complexities of saddle fitting. Lisa has trained and qualified with various bodies including the Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter (SMS QSF) in the UK,  Master Saddle Fitting Consultants Diploma  (MSFC) in The Netherlands and completed Certified Equine Ergonomist training with Saddle Fit 4 Life.

Working with countless world class veterinarians and  international riders, Lisa brings a wealth of  knowledge to the team.

Course Director
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