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Combined Stage 1 & 2 Access Course - Practical

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Save money by combining your stage 1 & 2 course with practical training! This combined course serves as an access route to our certification program which qualifies candidates as a professional saddle fitter. Upon enrolment students will be provided with a code to book a practical training session. Practical sessions are a compulsory part of this course. We also offer a fully remote combined stage 1 & 2 course which can be found by visiting our 'Online Learning' section. Course Content Stage 1: The purpose of the saddle Signs of poor saddle fit Risks of poor saddle fit The importance of saddle fit How a saddle should fit How to maintain saddle fit Training Progression Stage 2 : Anatomy of the saddle Stage 1 recap Stage 2 anatomy How to achieve correct saddle fit Level 2 rider fit Dynamic Fitting You will not: Be able to fit, supply, give professional advice or adjust a saddle After completion of this course you will be able to progress on to Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award which will qualify you to fit a saddle.

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