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Combined Stage 1 & 2 Remote Learning Access Course

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This course is designed to provide a 'distance learning only' option for students who are unable to attend the practical element of the IASF stage 2 course. This combined course includes enhanced stage 1 and 2 content and serves as an access route to further education and qualification with the IASF. Completion of this course will enable students to enrol onto the IASF stage 3 professional saddle fitting award. Course Content - Stage 1 This course includes a 45 minute presentation along with some multiple choice questions which should be answered after viewing the presentation. The purpose of the saddle Signs of poor saddle fit Risks of poor saddle fit The importance of saddle fit How a saddle should fit How to maintain saddle fit Training Progression Course Content - Stage 2 Anatomy of the saddle Stage 1 recap Stage 2 anatomy How to achieve correct saddle fit Stage 2 rider fit Dynamic Fitting Saddle Safety Locating Tree Points Essential Anatomy Mapping the Horse After completion of this course you will be able to enrol on the IASF stage 3 course which after successful completion qualifies you to work as a professional saddle fitter.

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