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Horse Owners Online Saddle Fitting Course Now Live

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Sign up now and start learning straight away. Click here to get started!

This course has been specifically tailored for horse owners to provide education on the fundamentals of saddle fit.

Learn how to identify problems and know when to reach out for help from an equine professional.

Course Content -

The purpose of the saddle Signs of poor saddle fit Risks of poor saddle fit The importance of saddle fit How a saddle should fit How to maintain saddle fit Anatomy of the saddle Level 2 saddle related equine anatomy How to achieve correct saddle fit Rider Fitting Dynamic Fitting Saddle Safety Locating Tree Points A Career in Saddle Fitting

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT A SADDLE FITTING QUALIFICATION. Saddle fitting should always be carried out but a fully trained and insured saddle fitting professional.

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