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Becoming a Saddle Fitter - How Much Can I Earn?

Becoming a qualified saddle fitter takes an investment of time and money and here at the IASF we understand that these are both important considerations when considering a new vocation.

The IASF are committed to proving affordable, accessible and credible training for all, specifically tailored to fit around your existing commitments with payment plans available to help spread the cost.

Becoming a Saddle Fitter - How Much can I Earn

How Much Can I Earn as a Saddle Fitter?

Investing in yourself and your new career is an important decision and before making the leap it is good to know how quickly your investment can be returned to you.

On average our saddle fitters working full time in the UK can turnover approximately £92,000 per year. Based on 4 clients a day, 5 days a week, charging an average of £100 per appointment with 6 weeks off a year.

Once established these numbers are highly achievable and many saddle fitters earn in excess of this with additional income from saddle and accessory sales.

Of course there will be overheads such as insurance, consumables and travel however even considering these costs a realistic net profit in excess of £60-£70k per year is typical with many saddle fitters earning much more.

We would never recommend anyone becoming a saddle fitter purely for the money however it is good to know that saddle fitting can be a lucrative career with unlimited growth potential. With worldwide demand for great saddle fitters at an all time high there has never been a better time to invest in your dream job.

Start Up Costs

Becoming a Saddle Fitter - How Much can I Earn

The beauty of saddle fitting is that you will always have a marketable skill which requires very little in terms of start up costs.

Essentially you will need:

- a car or mode of transport,

- insurance

- basic tools flocking iron, flock, templating tool (approximately £100),

- pen and paper,

- and last but not least a qualification.

Access to saddles can be easily provided on a commission sales basis from one of our affiliates.

​Why Invest in the IASF Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award?

Our professional saddle fitting award provides nationally recognised certification by an Ofqual regulated accrediting body; LANTRA. Successful completion of our professional saddle fitting award will enable you to work as a saddle fitter anywhere in the world, gain appropriate insurance and gain access to the Equine Fitters Directory as a 'QUALIFIED SADDLE FITTER'.

Not only that but you will receive world class education combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, guidance through real-life case studies and lifelong support from a recognised and well respected training provider.

Becoming a Saddle Fitter - How Much can I Earn

Our certification program is easily accessible and is structured to fit around your existing commitments. Having been developed by a team of equine professionals and expert saddle fitters who are all too familiar with the pressures of working life and juggling family commitments.

​Spread the Cost

As part of the IASF's commitment to providing affordable and accessible saddle fitter training, payment plans are available. As standard the cost of the Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award can be split into two instalments of 50% at the time of enrolment with the remainder due approximately 6 weeks prior to the chosen practical training element.

Additional payment plans are available upon request. Please contact to discuss your requirements. Alternative payments plans are agreed on a case by case basis and are offered at the discretion of the IASF.

If you feel that saddle fitting is the career for you contact us now to talk about the next steps or use the links below to find out more about our courses.

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