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The IASF have received the stamp of approval from the UK's leading awarding body for training in the land-based industries.

After careful review and analysis LANTRA welcomed the IASF as an approved customised provision provider and confirm the accreditation of IASF's Professional Saddle Fitting Award.

This mean that students who complete their saddle fitting training with the IASF will receive a certificate of competence from a nationally recognised body (LANTRA) and are recognised as qualified by the Equine Fitters Council.

IASF Course Director Lisa Fay said "This is a huge stap forward for the IASF and the industry as a whole. As with many traditional industries there has been significant resistance to change but horse owners are becoming more aware of their options when choosing a saddle fitter and with accreditation from a well respected, nationally recognised external body they can be confident that their IASF saddle fitter has been appropriately trained and assessed to industry standards. It is vital to us that our saddle fitters are recognised and respected for the hard work and dedication they put in to their education and we are delighted to be able to award them this recognition".

The IASF Professional Saddle Fitting Award (Stage 3) is perfectly designed for the modern world and international students combining distance learning with practical application sessions held at various locations across the UK.

Stage 3 courses can be accessed via the IASF purpose made access course which can be completed in person or virtually for our international applicants.

For further details and upcoming courses please visit Courses | International Academy of Saddle Fitters (

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