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Essential Shopping List for Saddle Fitters

Starting out as a saddle fitter can be a daunting task.

Not only do you have to find an accredited saddle fitting course and training provider, work your way through the endless learning journey and face those dreaded exams you then need to equip yourself with the necessary tools to complete the job!

To make things just a little bit easier for you we have pulled together this simple list of 'Saddle Fitting Essentials' to help you on your journey!

All products are available on Amazon so are quick and easy to order and have been tried, tested and selected due to their durability, reliability and value for money.

First off - the Flexicurve.

You will need a good supply of these flexible rulers as they tend to lose some tension over time, stock up on at least 2 to start with and replace them every few months. More expensive options are available however we find that this option provides better value for money overall.

Next Up - Chalk Pens

Anyone who has tried to mark up a horse using old fashioned chalk will know how frustrating it is when you can't draw a line! These non-toxic chalk pens are a great addition to your saddle fitting kit. Just be aware that unlike traditional chalk which can be brushed off, these pens will need to be sponged off with a little water. Make sure you check with the owner before applying as they may not appreciate their horse looking like a artists canvas.

Stanley Knife

Even if you do not carry out repairs you never know when you are going to need to snip a thread, make a flocking hole or even open a bag. We consider this knife to be one of the best in terms of quality, safety and value.

Leg Bag

Originally made for the motorcycle industry these leg bags are invaluable for life as a saddle fitter. Sturdy, hard wearing and durable these little bags are a great place to store the above listed essentials while leaving your hands free to get on with your job.

Coloured Pens

For accuracy and differentiating between template lines a selection of coloured pens are invaluable. These fine point multicoloured pens are a great buy and last a long time.

Last but not least - A3 Graph Paper

In addition to your consultation forms it's a good idea to have spare A3 graph paper to hand. It comes in very useful if you want to leave additional temples with your client or physiotherapist and can be a life saver if you ever run short of your standard consultation forms.

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