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Does Your Saddle Fit?

Saddle fitting is a complex subject but as a horse owner or rider there are things you can do to help protect your horse from saddle damage.

"The most important person in the protection of horses is the owner"

Here are just a few signs your saddle may not be fitting correctly:

White Hairs

The development of white hairs can indicate excessive pressure. !! THESE CAN APPEAR OUTSIDE OF THE AFFECTED AREA BUT MAY STILL BE LINKED TO SADDLE FIT!!

Poor Top Line

Lack of muscle in the saddle area can be a sign that your saddle does not fit

Hollow Back

Reluctance on inability to lift the back, work in an outline or take a contact can be caused by saddle fit.

Behavioural Problems

General training or behavioural problems can be a sign that your saddle does not fit

By learning how to assess your own horse and the fit of your saddle you will be able to identify potential problems and save your horse from any unnecessary suffering by acting on these problems

quickly and effectively.

Our stage 1 introduction to saddle fitting is completely free of charge and for those who would like some practical, hands-on experience we also run regular horse owner saddle fitting education days (stage 2) from our base in Hampshire, UK.

Stage 1 will educate you on 'why' a saddle should fit and stage 2 delves into 'how' a saddle should fit!

For those living further afield we also offer a fully remote learning option; our 'Combined Stage 1 & 2 Remote Learning' package.

Completion of Stage 1 & 2 serves as an access route to further education with the IASF via our Stage 3 Professional Award in Saddle Fitting, a nationally recognised certification for professional saddle fitters and qualified status with the Equine Fitters Council.

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