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The perfect fit kit is a great tool for horse owners to keep track of their horses changing shape. When used on a regular basis owners can work with their saddle fitter to make sure the saddle still fits optimally and highlights any need for more frequent check ups.


This kit includes: 

1 x Templating Ruler 

3 x Template Cards 

1 x Horse Chalk 

1 x Step by Step Guide


Directions for use: 

With your horse standing square on a firm, even surface mark the back edge of the shoulder blade on both sides (mark 1). 

Next run your hand gently along with curve of the last rib up to the spine. Make a mark on both sides at this point (mark 2) 


Smooth the templating tool across your horses back at mark 1. Carefully lift the templating tool off and trace onto template card marked 'Wither Template'. 


Next smooth the templating tool across the horses back at mark 2. Trace this onto template card marked 'Cantle Template' 


Lastly smooth the templating tool along the horses spine in the saddle area. Trace this onto templating card 'Back Template'. 


Repeat this process every week at the same time of day to monitor changes in your horse. 

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