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Introducing the
ESTRIDE Pressure Mat
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Estride™ Harmony is a pressure sensing mat specifically designed to measure the distribution of saddle and rider pressure on horses’ backs. You can use it to check saddle fit or analyse riding techniques.

It can gather pressure data through all paces. In-depth analysis of your riding technique vs impact on your horses’ stride. Steady detects any pressure from the rider, saddle or saddle pad and its effects on the horse.

  • Multi-point automated saddle check

  • Rider Balance

  • Saddle Fit


  • 900 sensors – Harmony’s matrix of 900 pressure points give you an accurate distribution of the force of the saddle on horses’ back.

  • Multi-point automated saddle check – Automatic checks for Pressure on Spine, Left vs Right Pressure, Front vs Back and Overall Pressure Distribution

  • Check Saddle Fit – Know what is happening under the saddle. Tiny sensors covering the entire mat, placed under the saddle, help identify inconsistencies in saddle fitting and assist you in choosing the correct saddle or fit for your horse. It could help you compare saddle fit for different saddles to determine the proper saddle for your horse.

  • Real-Time Record Mode – Real-time record mode captures data when the horse is being ridden. You can use this later to analyse the effects of various transitions at various gaits.

  • Instant Mode – This allows you to view the pressure map on your mobile or tablet wirelessly. You can use this mode for static analysis. This is limited to Bluetooth range and is not advised to be used when riding.

"The Estride Harmony Pressure Mat is an easy to use, affordable tool for saddle fitters and has provided invaluable data when diagnosing complex saddle fitting issues". Lisa Fay - CEO - IASF

  • Adjustable Pressure Resolution – Adjust pressure resolution in to see even the slightest of the pressure.

  • Advanced Analytics – Seamless integration with ESTRIDE Balance & Precision. It can give you analysis of pressure on the horses’ back and the effect of the pressure to the stride of the horse.

  • Ergonomic Design  – Anatomically designed full leather pad for horses comfort

  • Wireless transmission – Data is transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth both in instant and real-time mode.

  • Anytime, Anywhere – Your real-time data stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.

Why Harmony?

Military Grade Sensor & Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Unlike other pressure mats, Harmony uses a sensor sheet that is polyethylene based carbon-filled film, instead of hard pressure sensors. This means that the mat is fully flexible and the sensors are not susceptible to breakage. The sensor film

  • Does not require calibration as it is unaffected by age and temperature. Usage does not change the surface pressure resistance levels

  • Exhibits good thermal stability and has outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance

  • Quality high enough to meet even the electrical requirements of military specification MIL-PRF-81705D Type II and MIL-P-82646

Estride Harmony works more on relative pressure rather than an absolute pressure. Whilst, Harmony shows you the approximate pressure in N/cm2, PSI and KPA, it is important to note that the values are a guide and not absolute pressure/force values.

At Estride, we believe that for everyday saddle fitting it is quite important to measure the relative pressure i.e the distribution of pressure on the back of the horse.

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Use Code SAPRO

  5% OFF 

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