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Gait Analysis Video Course Student Access

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Free access to students who are enrolled (or have completed) Level 3 Certificate in Saddle Fitting. Your request will need to be approved and can take up to 24 hours. You will receive an email notification once your request has been approved. After completion you will be awarded 2 Hours of IASF CPD points. This video course will explain what gait analysis is, why gait analysis is important and how to identify typical gait abnormalities. Watch each video and complete questions to test your knowledge. This course will cover basic terminology as well as an introduction to gait analysis and gait analysis techniques with all steps fully and clearly explained. COURSE CONTENT Introduction Compensatory Locomotion Referred Pain Terminology Walk Trot Canter Economic Locomotion Pacing Lateral Walk Stride Phases Obvious Lameness Head Nod Hip Hike Hoof Landing Heel First Mediolateral Placement Tracks Flight Path Adduction Abduction Toe Drag Subtle Lameness Leaning In Disunited Canter

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