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Horse Owner Saddle Fitting Course

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This course is designed to provide horse owners with a thorough understanding of saddle fitting. By the end of this course students will be able to understand the importance of a saddle, know how and why a saddle should fit, be able to identify when there may be a problem with their saddle and know when to call their saddle fitter out. Completion of this course includes IASF Level 1 Content along with the initial stages of our Level 2 course. Further learning can be undertaken to complete level 2 and gain access on to the IASF level 3 certification course. The course includes: The purpose of the saddle Signs of poor saddle fit Risks of poor saddle fit The importance of saddle fit How a saddle should fit How to maintain saddle fit Anatomy of the saddle Level 2 saddle related equine anatomy How to achieve correct saddle fit Rider Fitting Dynamic Fitting Saddle Safety Locating Tree Points A Career in Saddle Fitting After completion of this course students who wish to pursue a career in saddle fitting are able to apply for the IASF certification course. (applications subject to acceptance).

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