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Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award

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This course forms the distance learning aspect of the Stage 3 Professional Saddle Fitting Award. To enrol on our stage 3 course you must have completed the IASF stage 1 & 2 courses OR have prior saddle fitting experience or qualification. To successfully complete the stage 3 course you are required to attend an intensive practical training week along with a formal practical and written assessment as well as an externship. Please work through each step at your own pace. You may also want to carry out some independent learning along with this programme to enhance the depth of knowledge. You will need to attend a practical training course and complete an externship to gain your qualification. Practical courses and externships can be organised by contacting Students who have already made a payment towards their level 3 certificate can access this course free of charge by signing up to the Stage 3 Student Pricing Plan. A code for free access will be provided to upon enrolment. If you have any trouble accessing this course please contact

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