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Stage 2 Pathway to Saddle Fitting Practical Course

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This stage 2 course forms part of your access route to the stage 3 professional saddle fitting award. After completion of this course you are welcome to enrol on the stage 3 course to become a qualified saddle fitter. You must have completed stage 1 prior to completing this course. A practical training day is required as part of this course. If you have not done so already please book your practical day by contacting You can (instead) chose to complete all parts of your stage 2 fully online. Please select the combined stage 1 & 2 remote learning option which can be found here: Course Content: Anatomy of the saddle Stage 1 recap Stage 2 anatomy How to achieve correct saddle fit Stage 2 rider fit Dynamic Fitting After completion of this course you will not: Be able to fit, supply, give professional advice or adjust a saddle

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